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The focus of the FIREEXPERT project is to create an industrial research expert and innovation center for the construction and building material industry - supporting research and development in the field of fire engineering. The project is realized as part of a LivingLab. The expertise of the center is generated by means of advanced experimental fire tests (empirical) as well as fire simulation software (numerical). The adaptation and optimization of the fire behavior of building materials, especially composite materials, are the focus of the project. Material properties such as temperature, load-bearing capacity and changes in the quality of the test specimens are documented before, during and after the fire tests. The project partners benefit from the latest knowledge from research and development as part of the LivingLab. The experience of the LivingLab integrates into the needs of the industry in education and training.

Who can become a partner?

  • Fire protection planners
  • Fire Departments
  • Consultants / Fire inspection experts
  • Product developers
  • Testing laboratories
  • Insurances

Advantages of being a partner of the LivingLab as part of the FIREEXPERT project

  • Existing knowledge is shared with all project partners
  • Research projects for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will become feasible
  • Certification of construction products
  • Advanced engineering methods for assessing fire formation and spread
  • Strengthening research, technological development, competitiveness and innovation
  • Cross-border synergistic cooperation with development stakeholders
  • Cross-border communication and exchange of information with professionals
  • Training for all fire-relevant topics (fire protection planning, firefighting/control, fire root cause analysis)